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We have a lot of special services to help your business stand out. Including, but not limited to, Video Creation, Logos, Banners, Editing Designs, Favicons, and Much More! All within a budget you can most likely afford based on your business and budget.



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This shows the amount of marketers that use video and design marketing with their online business. Not all are created equally. Are you standing out more than the other marketers?


This is the amount of U.S. citizens alone that watch videos online. Not all videos will grab the viewers attention. Do you use videos and graphics that get the attention of your audience?


This shows the percentage of conversions that happen because of marketer using videos on their landing pages. Are you using a video on your landing page? Are you using videos that convert?

Some Studies And Statistic About Video Marketing Reveal Some Interesting Facts:

Viewers remember up to 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10%-20% when reading it in text.


Internet video traffic for marketers made up 72% of all global consumer Internet traffic through 2017 -2018.


Experts say that by 2019-2020, internet video traffic will account for 85% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Studies show that the average internet user spends 85% more time on a website with video. 

Speed Of Delivery

We strive to get your videos (or graphics) done as quickly as possible, but we never leave out the fact that our work needs to be top quality so you are completely satisfied with your order.

Happy Customers

We guarantee our work so that you will feel like you got your dollars worth and more! If you don't like the first couple of drafts we can easily edit them to your liking.

Sealing The Deal

Not only are we budget friendly, we also over deliver, by giving you free top notch marketing training that you can keep and download to make the absolute best of your marketing. Courses valued at $297.

More Facts About Videos... Look At The Bars To See What Is Likely To Happen:

Here are some percentage statistics of what having a video on your landing page causes to happen. This is how we know how important it is to have top quality videos that get these results for you...

More Likely To Show Up In Search Results
More Likely For Your Prospect To Take Action
More Likely To Get A Click Through In An Email
More Likely To Be Shared With Others
More Likely To Be Seen On Social Media

Would You Rather Create Your Own Videos?

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