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  1. Blog+Profits

  2. Breaking+The+Habit

  3. Build+Your+Network

  4. Content+Marketing+101

  5. Easy+Product+Creation

  6. Going+From+Point+A+To+Point+B

  7. Growth+Hacking+101

  8. I+Can+Do+It

  9. Kindling+Success

  10. My+First+Internet+Business

  11. Network+Marketing+Superstar

  12. Online+Entrepreneur+Motivation

  13. Promotion+Tactics

  14. Push+Your+Limits

  15. Search+Engine+Optimization+Today

  16. Seize+The+Day

  17. Simple-JV-Success

  18. Social+Media+Marketing+101

  19. Social+Media+Superstar

  20. The+Bootstrapper’s+Bible

  21. Ultimate+Link+Building

  22. Video+Pro

  23. Why+Integration+Marketing

  24. 110+Self-Improvement+Boosters

  25. A+Healthier+You



The truth is that a lot of marketers that have become successful have not taken the time to see how much things have changed with them. The facts are – some of them do not work some are horrible, but MANY of them are good!

Also note that good reputable Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are NOT THE SAME as linking to places like link farms, FFAs (free for all), redirect spam sites, etc. You DO have to be careful – so you might ask someone who has had a lot of experience with them. (I will also post some good sites below).

You have to take a lot into consideration when considering Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. 1st of all – there are indeed fake ones that slap the name “Safelist, Solo-ads, Traffic Exchange etc…” and you can hook up a “tracker” to them and they get 0 hits. I have one that I can show you on my stats that I tested and it’s still sitting there supposedly getting thousands of hits – BUT my tracker says a BIG  FAT ZERO! Also, consider that many of the marketers with a negative outlook on these methods are seasoned marketers that have HUGE  lists of their own and they have no need to look at all the great new resources that have come along AFTER their “own methods or years” of marketing.

It’s like a Doctor that uses old methods because that is all he knows when new Doctors have practiced updated knowledge and are keeping up with new procedures that are completely successful. While the Doctors using his “old” methods might work well – the new Doctor has practiced new methods that either work just as well or even better and the one practicing “old” methods says “he’s going to stick with what he knows” … Does that mean that either of them are wrong? NO, because they both work! But that doesn’t mean the Doctor using the “old methods” should be talking negatively about the “new methods” Right???

With that said – you can see how some marketers can come to the conclusion that they don’t work period. BUT that conclusion is FALSE! There is no arguing with them either – they will continue to tell their audience not to use them.

But I know as a fact that MOST and I mean MOST of my PAID Sign-Ups – HAVE come from Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. I have been taught the proper way of using them and which ones to use. 

If you’re curious – my website is http://homeprofitschoice.com Sign up as a free associate and get free training!

The company is Rated “A” with the BBB: File Opened: 2/7/1996 Years in Business: 24 Business Started: 1/8/1994 Accredited Since 10/11/2000

So my advice is NOT to listen to negativity when it comes to methods of marketing and do YOUR OWN research!

I know that these marketers mean well – and they ARE successful marketers. But that doesn’t mean that “their assumptions” about things are true.

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